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Power washing plus painting/staining offers top-quality power washing, at the lowest prices, we like to say we detail your home or business to perfection!! We remove all mold, mildew, moss, algae, grease, dirt and stains from your home or business. We make it beautiful again!! We wash anything from your dog house to ramp garages!! houses, condos, apartments, pools, decks, fences, windows, roofs, driveways, parking lots, machines, factories, garages, cement, ramp garages, gutters, inside and out, blowing out the downspouts and we even remove the black strips , called tiger stripping from the outside of your gutters getting them pure white again !! Interior and exterior painting, and wood staining to homes in Hartford, Connecticut. And all county’s of ct. Litchfield, Fairfield, new haven, Hartford, Middlesex, Tolland, Windom, and new London counties. We keep your property spotless not only for visual reasons, but also for health-related benefits. Mold is not only good for your house, it’s not good for you!! Especially people with asthma or allergies!! A clean home is a healthy home!! Increase the value of your home today, have it professionally washed today. Call us today and get a great job for less money!! It’s that simple! You can call the number above or for a quick free quote text a few pics describing what you would like done to (203)490-7258.


Aside from dirt, mold, and mildew, power washing removes moss, algae, grease and stains. It also prepares surfaces of homes and business for repainting. prepping to paint/ or stain. We wash everything we paint!! A lot of company’s don’t. We also scrap, sand, caulk, primmer multiple coats and top coat multiple coats!! For a beautiful longer lasting paint job at a lower price than most companies who only throw on a quick coat of paint that might last a few years. Our paint jobs last 10 - 15 years and more!! The better the prep job, the longer it will last!!


Our team paints all areas, one room at a time. Aside from walls and ceilings, we paint everything, including trim work, moldings, and cabinets. Our company also stains wood surfaces, including hardwood floors. We can sand, stain and polyurethane your floors to the color of your choice. Or just sand and clear coat with their natural color. Or we can provide a deep cleaning and polyurethane coating to bring back your floors to life!!


Repainting your exteriors is one inexpensive way to give your home a fresh look. We will paint all areas of your property, including barns, fences, garages, and patios. Before the actual paint job, our team will wash, scrap, and sand the surfaces to prepare them for priming, and painting.


Our team stains exterior wood surfaces upon request. Just like with painting, we prepare the surface by washing, scraping, and sanding. For a longer, lasting finish, we use multiple coats of stain on all surfaces. instead of just 1 coat of stain on your deck that might last a year or two, we prefer to spray on 2-3 coats and back-brushing the stain into the wood for a higher quality job that will last 2 to 3 time longer!!


Power washing plus can soft and safe wash your house and/or roof removing all mold, mildew, moss, and algae prolonging the life of your roof and getting more years out of it!! Without using pressure or harsh chemicals that ruin your shingles. And we don't use spray on chemicals and have to wait 3 months for it to rain on it, that doesn't even work!! We can also install our guaranteed gutter guards that we guarantee for as long as you own your home! If a gutter gets clogged we unclog it for free! If one comes off during a storm, we replace it for free!! Why climb that ladder ever again, when we can guarantee that you never will have to again! We also repair roofs and tar around chimneys and vent pipes. But if you need a new roof we also replace complete or partial roofs for a lot less than the other guys!! Free gutter cleaning with house, or roof wash, or with our guaranteed gutter guards!! You can extend the life of your roof, not only by cleaning the shingles, but by having your house power washed. Your roof breathes by air flowing up through the soffit vents up into the attic and out the ridge vent. most soffit vents get clogged with dirt, that you most likely cannot see, and air is not allowed into your attic causing your shingles to heat up and dry and crack and even curl. Therefore not getting the 20 or 30 + years out of your roof! And sometimes even damaging the plywood under the shingles, which costs even more to replace. It’s a lot cheaper to clean than it is to replace! Call today for a free estimate, you'll be glad you did!


To prolong the life of your shingles, we remove black streaks, mold, mildew, moss, and algae without using chemicals. After soft washing your roof, our team will apply a protective mildew ide to prevent buildup from coming back. Depending on the amount of shade or sun your roof gets, we recommend this service every 4-6 years.


If your roof needs more than just cleaning and coating, repair or replacement may be the solution. We recommend full roof removal or replacement for roofs that are leaking, curled, or have cracked or missing shingles.



Gutter guards are inexpensive, reliable covers that prevent leaves and other debris from clogging your gutter system. These guards also let the sun in that dries out any moisture. Not like those expensive gutter helmets, louvres or one piece gutter systems that don't let the sun in, and moss grows inside clogging your downspouts! Our gutter guards allow only one thing in and that’s the sun. You need the sun to dry up any moisture so no growth will occur. Gutter helmets and one piece overly expensive gutter systems do not allow the sun in and I have personally pulled out sheets of moss in these so called nothing gets in gutter systems! I know I’ve cleaned 1000,s of them! And ours don't cost 1000,s of dollars!! We have installed these on hundreds of homes, condos, and apartments over the past 17 years and have never had to replace or unclog any gutters!! At an affordable price and a better guarantee from those other people that never show back up to unclog when you call. If your gutter guards have been damaged by a storm or has become clogged, we will replace or unclog the unit at no cost. In writing! Gutter guards not only keep out all debris, but they keep the snow and ice out as well. So your gutter are not filled up with heavy solid ice acting as an ice cube tray, pulling your gutter away from your house! The ice and snow slowly melts threw the screens into the gutters as water and down the downspout. Gutter guards are available in white and brown vinyl. Or silver mess or black metal.


We thoroughly clean completely right down to the metal, blow out the downspouts, once the cleanup is complete, we will rinse house, windows, deck, driveway, etc.


Power washing plus provides only the best power washing, painting, staining, driveway patch and sealing, deck refurbishing and sealing or new decking, roof washing and repairs, or complete new roofing, guaranteed gutter guards, gutter repairs, mail box installation or repairs, and small tree service or removal and stump grinding.


Our team can repair your driveway by filling small cracks, patching them, and sealing them with any kind of sealer. We offer a range of sealers from low-grade to the best sealers on the market to fit your budgeting needs. Our company recommends using a high-grade sealer as it will save you the trouble of repeating steps every year or two. Some low-grade sealers last for around one year while the higher-quality ones can last 5-10 years or more. We also seal small parking lots up to approx. 20 spaces.


Instead of tearing down your entire deck, we can replace rotting boards. Our team refurbishes and reinforces decks to make them sturdier and safe again! We will add brackets, nails, and screws where needed. For finishing, our company will stain or paint the surface. If we cannot save your old deck, our team can build you a new one for less than those other guys, who charge way too much!! Remember, it’s always cheaper to clean and protect than it is to replace! And in most cases you don’t have to replace.


Receive mail in a lovely new box. We install low-cost mailboxes, posts, and brick enclosures, as well as re-cement posts.